Bengaluru Ride 100 Event Details & Instructions

100 Ride

Welcome to Bengaluru Ride100 (A Mass start race)

The event details are below:

Flag off for 100K is at 7:00 am

Flag off for 50K is 7:15 am

Timing will be based on Gun Time and any late start will loose time and will also impact the ranking / Podium declaration for the individual.

Venue Map: GoogleMapLink Landmark is Ruchi Sagar hotel (About 400 meters from Nelamangala Toll Plaza towards Hassan Highway)

Bib Distribution is at Venue, participants need to sign an indemnity form while collecting the bibs.

Time for Bib Distribution:

100K : 6:00 to 6:45 am

50K : 6:15 to 7:00 am

Please plan your arrival at the venue to avoid any delays.

Instructions for your safety:


  • Route / Riding Gear
    1. The race will be an out and back, riders will be riding on the highway. 100K participants would take an U-turn at 50K mark and return on the same highway. 50K would take an U-turn at 25K mark and return on the same highway.
    2. Mandatory to follow all traffic rules
    3. Recommend to ride with a reflective jacket and rear blinkers
    4. Helmets are mandatory
    5. Normal road traffic would exist and cyclists should ride on the left most part of the highway.


  • Cut-Off time
    1. 7 hours for 100K
    2. 5 hours for 50K


  • Hydration points
    1. Ensure you are carrying your hydration/nutrition during the ride and refill when required
    2. First hydration point is at start / finish venue
    3. Second hydration point is at 50K distance (U-turn for 100K) on the highway
    4. Please prepare for the weather and the temperatures are expected to rise after 12 pm.


  • Back-up vehicle
    1. A back-up vehicle will be available and the sweep activity will be started only after the cut-off time.


  • Racing Etiquette:
    1. Please follow all racing etiquette
    2. Drafting is not allowed


  • BIB placement:
    1. Riders should be displayed on the handle bar, if you miss the BIB placement the timing will not be recorded
    2. Only one BIB for the bike will be issued for the bicycle
    3. Participant should ensure to pass through the timing mat for proper detection. Timing mat will be placed on the course and at the finish line.


  • Restroom facility
    1. The start / finish venue will have rest room facility


  • Refreshments:
    1. Start / finish and two aid stations on the course will have water, banana for the participants
    2. Post race refreshments will be served at the restaurant.


  • Toll Plaza
    1. Toll has to be paid to arrive at the venue
    2. Recommend you to purchase two way toll which may save you some money