RUN 100 Days Virtual Challenge : FAQ’S


What is RUN 100d Challenge

RUN 100d is a 100 day Walk or RUN Virtual Challenge

The Challenge starts from August 1st 2020 00:00 am onwards for 100 consecutive days till 8th November 2020 11:59 pm 


What is the minimum and maximum distance to RUN or Walk?

This event is to encourage participants to be mobile and active with a goal. The minimum distance in RUN100 event is to RUN at least 2 KM or Walk 8000 steps Daily. You are requested to take a break for one day a week for recovery. You will not be disqualified for any break less than 3 days in between, so do not worry.

 Objective is to encourage people towards fitness and immunity. Only a permanent lifestyle changes will provide permanent results. Engaging in a 100 day challenge will connect you into the fitness regimen and open your world to many like-minded individuals online.

 We understand that rest and recovery are very necessary part of our fitness regimen, our challenge will encourage you to provide for rest and recovery for at least one day a week. You can also walk the distance a few times in a week to ensure adequate rest and recovery.


How do the participants submit data?

 URL to access the event website will be 

Default User id will be your registered Email address and Password will be date of birth in DDMMYYYY format given at the time of registration for the event.


How do I link my Activity?

Once you login to Eventzalley virtual run portal and this portal will be integrated with Strava app for online upload of results.

Eventzalley portal will be integrated with Strava app for online interface. Participants can link their Eventzalley profile to their Strava account for auto upload of their daily activity. Strava allows you to link to many activity tracking apps and it may help you export and consolidate your results.

Linking Strava Account:

STEP 1: Go to settings on the top right corner under profile 

STEP 2: Select Connect Apps and Click on the Enable Link 

STEP 3: This will redirect you to Strava Account, you need to login to Strava Account Allow Access



  1. Data shared should have public access including links and images uploaded. 
  2. Strava refresh will be done 3 times a day at regular intervals. The activity may not reflect immediately after your activity and may reflect by end of the day.
  3. Supported Device or Apps that can be connected to Strava and gives Public Access Links: Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo, Fitbit, Tom Tom, Map My Run, Garmin, Apple Watch  
  4. Participants need to submit activity for minimum of 60 days in these 100 days period to qualify as finishers. 
  5. One day Weekly break is recommended for recovery and participants can either RUN or WALK in this duration.


Manual update of the Activity:

Once you login to Eventzalley Virtual Challenge Platform, On the top Bar you will be able to see ACTIVITY button, click on it and you will be able to submit activity manually 

For participants who are using any other App other than Strava can submit their results using an online link. You should be able to share either the activity link or snapshot of the image which should clearly state the name, date, distance and timing. Either a publicly accessible link or snapshot of the activity link is mandatory for upload.

Using any activity tracking app is fine as long as you can share the Time, Distance, Pace / splits and link to the publicly accessible activity.


How do I link my Activity monitor to Strava app?

The link provides more details:


 Where should I RUN?

 Participant can run any place and time of their choice; we suggest you to Run in the morning or evening hour in a safe place and also maintain social distancing and following Government issued guidelines.


How will the results Computed?

This event is not a competition and we request our participants to consider the leaderboard only to encourage more participation and participants. This event is a combination of RUN or Walk and hence we would consider both these activities when we publish the leaderboard.

We will compute the activity based on more mobility, a gross total of steps taken either while running or walking by the participant.

How will the Steps counted in leaderboard?

To have one yardstick for measurement we will be converting your steps into Kilometers in the dashboard. Both your RUN and Walk will be displayed a unit of distance in Kilometers.


When will I get Finisher Medal & T-Shirt?

Participants opted for Finisher Medal & T-Shirt will be shipped post the Run based on the delivery availability. It may take 30 to 40 working days due to the current Covid situation with our vendors and delivery partners.


When will I receive Finisher E-Certificate?

After 7 working days post the completion of the Challenge, Participants will be able to download E Certificate in the Dashboard once you login to Eventzalley Virtual Platform


For More Information or Technical Support you can reach us @ +91 9606622006 or write to us